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So you probably got to this page because you're trying to figure out how to market as an affiliate for the Ooh La Lou Affiliate Program. (get the spiel -> here

What is affiliate marketing you ask?

Its one of the best ways to make money online! An affiliate basically gets paid to share items they love and when someone makes a purchase through their referral link, they get commission! Easy enough right?

The most important thing to understand is the visitor is absolutely REQUIRED to go through the affiliate's referral URL. If they get to the website any other way the affiliate does not get commission :(

Great! So how do you do this thing??

So, there are many ways to market as an affiliate. Most affiliates try to get traffic to their blog or website and basically entice visitors to click on their referral URL. They typically embed the URLs in a picture so people are more likely to click it.
*Btw if you do that it is always good practice to put somewhere on the page that their are affiliate links present.

So what about the ones who don't have blogs or websites? Well, I'll let you in on a secret.

You can be just as successful in affiliate marketing without investing money in a website or spending time keeping up with a blog! 


    Pinterest has 175 million active users and has become one of the best tools for bloggers and affiliates to make money. Affiliate marketing was banned from Pinterest for a while because of spamming. They have recently updated their security and decided to allow affiliate links again! *happy dance*

    First things first, you need a Pinterest account. You also need at least a few followers. So invite away, facebook friends, family, whoever. Once you have a couple followers

    Follow these steps: 


    1. Pin the image of the product you are promoting. (make sure the board you pinning it to is visible)
    2. Go the pin and click the edit button (the pencil at the top left of the pin)
    3. Make sure your description is filled out and disclose that there are affiliate links in the description as well. (You can do the description when you pin it also)
    4. In the website box put your referral link
    5. Click save


      And Walla! You you have created a pin with your affiliate link.

      Tips: Being part of community boards with a lot of followers is a good way get your pins in front of a large audience. Sometimes the board admins will have contact info on their page or instructions on how to become a part of their board. 


      Instagram has 700 million active users...whoo thats a lot! The best thing about instagram is people don't have to be your followers to see what you post (unless your account is private of course.) As long as your posting things people want to see with relevant tags your golden! 

      There are two ways that I know of to do affiliate marketing on Instagram. 

      1. Post a picture that is relevant to the item you are promoting. Then put the referral link in the caption before posting the picture.

      2. Go to edit on your profile page then put your referral link in the bio or website box. Then when you post, mention that the link to this item is in your bio. 

      Easy as pie!

      Tip: Although not necessary, the best way to market on Instagram is to take your own pictures of the product you're promoting. That way you can build trust with your audience. They see that you have tried the product and you still recommend it.


      Ok I'm gonna be honest - I'm not too savvy with youtube marketing so I'm just going to give you the gists of it. With over a billion users, I couldn't not mention it. 

      With Youtube affiliate marketing: 

      1. You need to buy the product.
      2. Make a video reviewing the product. 
      3. Then put your referral link in the description box. 

      And thats all folks! 

      Until Next Time...

      So that is the low-down on affiliate marketing for those of you who do not have websites or blogs. Soon we will post a guide to help those of you who would are interested in starting a blog or website. 


      Thanks for stopping by! 











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        I just signed up! I’m so excited to get started. I love everything in this shop!!! Also I cant wait to get my new romper so I can start :)

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